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Massage is a gift to give to yourself. When we suffer from pain or stress it is hard to stay present in our lives. When you receive a massage at our clinic you can drop deep inside and experience that quiet peace that is always there but often gets over looked when we are caught in the mind or in the suffering we are experiencing or avoiding experiencing. We look forward to seeing you and honoring you as you sing in and drop down. If you are suffering from in injury Kristine and Christina are both very experienced practitioners who will support you body in healing and moving into functional wholeness. All of our practitioners love to learn and grow so we are continuously learning new tools, modalities, specific techniques to support you in healing and moving towards wholeness. Kristine Allen has been practicing massage of twenty three years and has been offering courses in personal growth and Breath work for over 10 years. She is a seeker and loves to challenge herself to grow and learn to expand beyond her comfort zone and to support others in their process of personal growth as well.