Insurance Benefit Verification

Insurance Benefit Verification

If you would like us to bill your Health Insurance Company for the Medical Massages you receive, please call your insurance provider and fill out the entire Insurance Benefit Verification form while speaking with your insurance company. If you have any questions about the form please call or email us. You will need to bring this filled out form to your first appointment. Thank you. Please click on the link below to download the form.

Insurance Verification

There are many times when clients have been unclear about their massage insurance benefits, this will save you and us time and stress around your benefits. Health Insurance clients are often surprised as to how much their Insurance company will or will not pay of their appointments. Please make sure you ask your Insurance Provider all of the questions in the Insurance Benefit Verification form. Thank you.

Common Questions about the form:

What is DOB?

DOB is your Date of Birth

What is the Call Reference Number?

When you call into your insurance provider they assign a call reference number to that call. If at any time there is a question about what you were quoted their is a record of the call. This is very beneficial when there is a discrepancy about what the insurance company has told you about your benefits and then what they actually pay. This number is very important to ensuring that you receive the benefits that you have been quoted.

If I need preauthorization how do I get it?

We as your Massage Therapist do the work to get your preauthorization. What we need from you to apply for preauthorization is; your full name, the name of your insurance carrier, your insurance ID#, your DOB and a referral from your doctor with ICD10 codes.