Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage: A relaxation massage is a full body massage with gentle or firm pressure to support your body. A relaxation massage will use a gentler Swedish massage style as well as incorporating Lomi Lomi long flowing strokes. A relaxation massage is less focused on releasing specific muscle tension and injury but more on deep relaxation, internal peace and wholeness.

Relaxation Massages are offered in 1 hr, 1.5 hr or 2 hr sessions.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage: Reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol, improves blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure and improved body functions. Massaging the soft tissue flushes lactic acid from the muscles, which contributes to the improved functioning of the lymphatic system. This system rids the body’s internal organs and muscles of metabolic waste and toxins, supporting the immune system, leading to better functioning and lower blood pressure. Massage improves Range of Motion, reduces stress and increases body awareness. Massage has been shown to increase the release of dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for happiness and feelings of overall well-being. Massage feels GREAT!