Evergreen Massage Mission Statement: Relaxing Massage

 At Evergreen Massage Clinic, it is our intention to provide you with an outstanding and Deeply Relaxing Massage. To meet you where you are, to be present, to listen and to create the perfect massage for you each time you come in. Most of our clients are repeat clients and some have been coming in for 20 years!

If you have been injured we are here with highly skilled techniques to help your body heal. If you are tense and stressed we are here to help sooth and relax you, restoring your vitality and peace. If you have had a frazzled day we are here to help you unwind and support your body, mind and spirit in coming back into balance and wholeness.

We look forward to working with you soon.

It is our honor and privilege to offer you a Relaxing Massage. It is our deepest intention to support you in your personal growth. To support all of humanity in rising in consciousness and living from their deep true natures. To support each and everyone we encounter in experiencing their innate Divinity their essences, to support you in removing the illusions that keep you caught in the stories of the mind.